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Anak papua

Be a part of God's Story in me

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Vanessa wants to become a nurse because she wants to treat Mama, sister, Grandpa, Grandma, and everyone who is sick so they get better. But she also said that it was the Lord Jesus who healed the sick. Vanessa is an obedient and polite child. She also likes to talk about her experiences and life at home. She always relied on the Lord Jesus. She always said that she prayed diligently and if she didn't have money, she asked the Lord Jesus.

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Bunda Calti


I have been with Kairos for 3 years. The distance from my house to school is approximately 21km and every day I leave home to go to school usually at 6 am.


Our school serves the Kokoda tribe, one of the tribes in Papua where the majority of the population are people who are economically very disadvantaged.
They don't go to school because their parents can't afford the costs of going to school. So when we came to offer their children free schooling, the parents were very happy and enthusiastic about registering their children for school.


Iam very grateful that God gave me the opportunity through the Kairos 2 Christian Kindergarten to serve the children of Kokoda.

It is our desire as teachers at Kairos Christian Kindergarten 2 that we soon have a permanent school building so that our students can learn better and more comfortably.


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Gotlif Noseni Umene


Initially, Gotlif was a quiet child and found it difficult to interact with friends and teachers. When learning took place, Gotlif had to be accompanied by his mother.


Currently Gotlif is showing very good development, Gotlif shows his interest in studying, this can be seen when Gotlif wants to come to school because at the beginning of the semester it seems that Gotlif is always forced by mom and dad to go to school. Gotlif is also a great child, Gotlif is able to follow the lessons and is responsible for doing the tasks given, Gotlif really enjoys helping his mother clean the classroom after learning, on his own initiative without instructions he will take a broom and sweep the classroom until it is clean and put back the pencils, scissors, chair in place. 

Mission Trip

July, 2024

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