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We started implementing the Merdeka Curriculum, the Montessori method, the Charlotte Mason philosophy since the beginning of 2023. We continue to provide training to teachers so that teachers are getting better and skilled in applying curriculum principles. We consider that differentiated learning according to students' ability levels is the best strategy in ensuring teaching and learning activities become very "humane", easy and fun so that each student can absorb learning properly and achieve the expected competencies.

We also apply character learning by using Character First material from YBKB through Bible stories and memorized verses every day. We long for every student to achieve a profile of Christlike character.


We realize that 3 hours face to face each day is not enough to form the quality of Christ's disciple in a child. Therefore, we also have a discipleship program for parents. We teach the principles of God's Word about biblical parenting.

We expect graduates from Kairos Kindergarten to have the following profile:

1. Know Jesus as Lord and Savior

2. Have a fondness for listening to stories of God's Word and love to pray

3. Growing in the divine character

4. Have discipline and good habits

5. Have a passion for learning and be ready to enter the primary education level.

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