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Laying the foundation of life is the goal of early childhood education. A solid foundation will provide opportunities for a better future for the children. We teach children to have faith and knowledge of Jesus and disciple children to have divine character as the foundation of life.


The Kairos Kindergarten curriculum follows the 2013 Curriculum guidelines by using various learning methods to stimulate and attract children's interest in learning.

We are currently adopting the curriculum used by Shekinah Kindergarten from the PESAT Nabire Foundation as it has been tested for twenty years serving children in Nabire, Papua.


In the meantime, we are also developing the long-term curriculum with the Lecturer Team from UPH Teacher College. Kairos Kindergarten focuses on children's physical, motoric development, cognitive intelligence, social emotional, language and art intelligence according to the child's developmental stage through various playing activities while learning.


The curriculum is designed to prepare children to enter primary education and equipped with many good habits.

We expect graduates from Kairos Kindergarten to have the following profile:

1. Know Jesus as Lord and Savior

2. Have a fondness for listening to stories of God's Word and love to pray

3. Growing in the divine character

4. Have discipline and good habits

5. Have a passion for learning and be ready to enter the primary education level.

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