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Kairos Project


  • Yayasan Kairos Tanah Papua (YKTP) was established on March 29, 2021, by adopting schools from the Yayasan OBATRAKYAT Indonesia (YOI).

  • Currently, YKTP has 2 schools: Kairos Christian School 1 (for kindergarten and elementary levels), located at Aries Victory Street, KM. 10, and Kairos Christian School 2 (for kindergarten level) located at Rufei Pantai / Tampa Garam.

  • Since its establishment, our schools have never had permanent buildings. So, every year, we struggle to find houses to rent for use as teaching and learning activities. Thankfully, by God's grace, Kairos Christian School 1 has completed Phase 1 of the school building construction and was inaugurated on July 10, 2023.

  • Phase 1 construction has successfully provided 3 classrooms and supporting facilities (bathrooms, kitchen, etc.)

  • We are immensely grateful for the new classrooms that greatly support the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities, making all members of the school community (students, teachers, parents) very happy.

  • At present, Kairos Christian School 1 has expanded to offer primary education (elementary school). The elementary school classes are temporarily accommodated within the kindergarten building. Therefore, Phase 2 of the school building construction must be continued to meet the needs of elementary school classes and provide supporting facilities such as teacher offices, foundation offices, teacher's room, laboratory, sports field, etc.


  • Providing permanent school building facilities for students of Kairos Christian School 1 (elementary level).

  • Providing facilities for the office of Yayasan Kairos Tanah Papua Foundation.

  • Providing a place that functions as a training center for teachers of the Kairos Tanah Papua Foundation.

  • Providing suitable housing for teachers of Kairos Christian School 1 (kindergarten level) who reside outside of Sorong city.

School Development Committees

  • CHAIR : Danil Darmahkasih

  • SECRETARY : Ferosina Aulele

  • TREASURER : Meilani Latusawaule

  • MEMBER :

    • Hivanly Salawane

    • Rice Tabakore

    • Veren Listra Ratu

    • Angel Tandililin

    • Orang Tua Siswa TK Kristen Kairos 1

Building Design

School Development Plans

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-28 at 19.49.27.jpg
  • We are grateful for the extraordinary blessings from God that allowed us to complete Phase 1 of the building construction.

  • Phase 2 of the construction is planned to include 4 rooms comprising 2 classrooms and 2 supporting rooms. The construction will begin in August 2023.

  • Additionally, we will purchase a 6-plot land as a preliminary step for Phase 3 development.

Closing Statement

Having a permanent school building with its own status is an ultimate dream for Papuan children who live around the school location. Having their own school building means they can play while learning in a more spacious and proper classrooms. The school building also signifies hope for a better future for Papuan children and as a means whereby children can know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, grow in the character of Christ and become agents of change for society, the land of Papua and Indonesia.

Let's join hands to carry out the discipleship mission for Papuan children by providing proper school buildings for them.

Contacts & Donation

Bank Transfer a.n. Yayasan Kairos Tanah Papua:



  • Ferosina Aulele 0821-10750-154

  • Esther Darmahkasih +1 (419) 742-1063

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