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Superkids Nutrition

The Superkids Nutrition is a project started on July 2023 with the aim of supporting students' nutrition. The program will provide nutritious food twice a week at school. With the amount of $10 or Rp 150,000 for a 12-months commitment, you will be able to be a part of providing nutrition for students which is essential to protect against malnourishment, maintains a healthy immune system, prevents obesity, and reduces the risk of disease.

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The Story

We conducted an assessment of students at the Kairos School regarding their nutritional condition. The results of the assessment showed that most of the students at Kairos 1 School were in the undernourished category. Since 2022, kairos schools have provided nutritious food once a week for children. With the Superkids Nutrition program, we hope to be able to increase the frequency of providing nutritious food and multivitamins for children at school, thereby reducing the number of undernourished children.

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