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Adopt a Teacher

Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact on education by "Adopting a Teacher" through a monthly contribution of $300 or Rp. 4,500,000. By becoming a sponsor, you will play a crucial role in supporting the salary of a dedicated Kairos teacher.

Step 1

Go to one of our teacher page.

Step 2

Read their biography and if you want to support them, just click "Support" button.

Step 3

Fill up the application form

(you will have an option to donate monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

Bunda Meilani.jpg

Meilani Latusawaule

I like children and I want to serve. I was called so that I am committed to live and serve in Papua and I am aware that many souls that must be won here.

Bunda Rice.jpeg

Rice K Tabakore

I feel grateful to be able to serve as a teacher.
I pray that we can have our own school building.

Bunda Sarlita.jpeg

Sarlita Rambu Anahatu

I met great teachers here who have a heart to help students. In Kairos, I know that we don't only reach Christian children, but any children who want to go to school. So I think that's a very noble thing.

Bunda Angel.jpeg

Angel K Tandililin

I love being able to play with children, hear their stories and ask questions until I see them export new things, as well as exchanging stories, thoughts and experiences with fellow teachers.

Bunda Calti.jpeg

Caltienti Lapik

I am happy to be able to teach children who have different characters and are very active, but they are very diligent in helping mothers when they need help.

Bunda Vanly.jpeg

Hivanly Salawane

I enjoy meeting children every day.

Philippians 3: 14, "and run to the goal to get the prize, which is the heavenly call from God in Christ Jesus."

Bunda Desi.jpeg

Dessy E Mayary

I am happy to be able to serve children in educating and fearing God.

Prayer support for me can be enabled in educating, given patience to serve children and given strength and health from God.

Bunda Seli.jpeg

Sherli S Maturbongs

I love being able to teach children to write.

May the children be closer to God and kept away from bad things.

Bunda Veren.jpeg

Veren L L Ratu 

I ask for your prayer and support so that I will be given strength, health, wisdom and the ability to assume responsibility as an educator and responsibility in this ministry.

Bunda Putri.jpeg

Putriana Moju Riwa

I want to try to reach out to children to educate them to be intelligent individuals and have the character of Christ.

Bunda Natalia.jpeg

Natalia Siahaya

My heart wants to serve here because I see many Papuan children who need to be served, especially in the field of education.

Bunda Inez.jpeg

Ine Sintia

The longer I spend with the children, the more I enjoy it and learn to understand the different characters of each child. Even though at first I was overwhelmed dealing with kids diverse personalities. Praise God for being giving me the ability to persist and do the best.

Bunda Santi.jpeg


I am also grateful to be able to serve children who are still experiencing difficulties in getting an education.


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